Is in the beautiful scenery of the Valtellina, land close to the Rhaetian Alps known for its breathtaking scenery, for its magnificent mountains and for its great wines, that born Tenuta Scerscé. The eminent architecture of the terraced vineyards along the steep and winding slopes of the valley, offers the sight and the heart, the beauty and care of the hard work of man. Over the years, subtracting the mountain slopes and breaking the rock, man has created patches of fertile land, backed by miles and miles of stone walls. Millennial great work, unique testimony of a cultural tradition and culture alive. The rocky outcrops, remnant of a millenary work of the glacier that covered the valley, accumulate heat and release it for the whole year, as real reserves that mitigate the coldest days and help the Nebbiolo to develop.
In the vineyards owned plants are strictly to rittochino according to the tradition and terraces communicate each other with stone stairs. We are at a height that allows us to see mountain peaks and glaciers, mountains with natural features and at the same time agriculture in the valley, apple orchards, fields up to the hillside, everything as a perfect colorful mosaic and well cared that changes in the forms and colors with the seasons. Looking towards the valley we see evident the curve of the river Adda immersed in the fields. The vineyard is surrounded by chestnut woods and small clearings cured that complement the company's production frame.

The nature here is the master of everything: you see blue tits, robins in winter, blackbirds and thrushes, animals that indicate the welfare natural environment where we stand.
The grape from which we get our wine is Nebbiolo, here called "Chiavennasca".

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