Tenuta Scerscé born as natural path of
a young woman,Cristina Scarpellini,
who today is the thinking head of the company.
Heart, courage, creativity are the three words
that distinguish this exciting journey.
She graduated in law in Milan after a
research thesis at the University of Paris Sorbonne, Panthéon
Assas II, which holds her for about two years in Paris.
To continue her studies she worked in a restaurant
as hôtesse d'accueil and over time she passionated
about good food and good wine.
Paris School of taste, for this is worth mentioning it.
She returned to Italy and she decided to pursue a legal career.
Thanks to a collaboration in Milan, a few years later
she began a career that allows her to specialize
in international law with particular reference to the
internationalization of enterprises.
Thanks to this journey her life meets the Valtellina.
Passionate about Nebbiolo and forward-looking in her corporate vision, she takes on the challenge in every sense, as the Valtellina is known for its "quality viticulture".

Initially a hobby, then she realizes that she is more and more attracted to this fascinating world to the point of deciding to follow firsthand both the production and related activities. Today the company has invested acquiring land vineyards and planning a cellar of its own.
The draft study of the Tenuta Scerscé image has taken start from the definition of the brand. The symbol that distinguishes it originates from the farming culture, emphasizing the production philosophy of the Tenuta, which has always been oriented towards production limited to a few bottles, but very high quality.

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